Iain Cameron O'Neill

I bring over 3 years of experience in the health sector, a passion formed through 10 years of teaching and leading, and a unique blend of strategic thinking and practical implementation to everything I do. Engaged with across the South East and London regions, I have a complex understanding of the learning technology needs of both higher education institutions and the health sector, and I use this knowledge to support stakeholders in fully utilising the products and services offered by the national team, while also advocating for their needs at the national level. My key achievements include developing an automated TEL register, organising and hosting professional development sessions, breaking down silos between TEL and related fields, automating a TEL readiness assessment, negotiating for greater recognition for organisations using 3rd party learning systems, and championing data practice and systems thinking.

In addition to my strategic influence, I am an enthusiastic Power Automate developer and an inveterate innovator, always on the lookout for new and creative solutions to the challenges facing digital education. My interest in the philosophy of AI and ethics ensures that my work is guided by a strong moral compass, and I am committed to advancing the field in a responsible and ethical manner. With my background in learning technology and passion for driving progress and improvement, I am well-positioned to lead the charge in shaping the future of digital education.